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Machine names and what they do.

FAXCOM — Primary machine hosting the fax server, suite, mailbox server, SQL, and also acts as a domain controller. Do not do anything to jeopardize this environment please. This server also has a fully functional SR-140 license.

FAXCOM2 — Hosts webfax client & REST API

FAXCOM10 — Sandbox within the domain that can be used as a … sandbox. No issues if you break it. This server might have a fully functional SR-140 license.

FAXCOM5 — a blank, domain-joined Windows VM

FAXCOMCLIENT1 — A windows 10 VM

Uses port 449 and self-signed cert. THIS WILL NOT WORK ON BISCOM CORP NETWORK!

Contact me for credentials.

How to control a machine

After logging into the above portal, your screen will look like the below image. Then select the RDP icon (see red arrow) and enter the machine name into which you wish to login to.

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